Scope of Nano Technology

He began his speech with a glimpse of the Nano Science and Technology and Polymer science department he has nurtured and set up at MG University Kottayam.It is heartening to note that these departments are rated one of the best in the country interms of infrastructure,research being carried out,quality of researchers,faculty and strategic tieup with leading institutions around the world

He explained in very lay man terms What Nano Technology is all about.It has immense potential in diverse areas like water purification,medicine,defence,automotive,space housing etc

He explained hat the sole of a gecko’s toes there are some one billion tiny adhesive hairs, about 200 nanometers in both width and length. These hairs put the gecko in direct physical contact with its environment. The shape of the fibers is also significant; for example, spatula-shaped ends on the hairs provide particularly strong adhesion. Researching how insect and gecko feet have evolved to optimize adhesion strength is leading to bio-inspired development of artificial dry adhesive systems. Similarily he talked of how Nano Technology is aiding Automotive sector in creating Wiperless Cars.In Automotive sector Nano Technology is also widely used in creating lighter but stronger materials (for better fuel consumption and increased safety) improved engine efficiency and fuel consumption for gasoline-powered cars (catalysts; fuel additives; lubricants)reduced environmental impact from hydrogen and fuel cell-powered cars improved and miniaturized electronic systems better economies

He also talked about Nano-scaffolding (or nanoscaffolding) which is a medical process used to regrow tissue and bone, including limbs and organs. The nano-scaffold is a three-dimensional structure composed of polymer fibers which is useful to regrow burnt or injured skins

He talked about how he has developed his department of Nano Technology in MG University using experts from Multi displines.Its a multibillion growing industry.The university attracts Nobel Laureates from around the world who come and share their knowledge.He urged the students to look it Nano Technology  as a promising career 

ABout the speaker

Prof. Dr. Sabu Thomas,Vice Chancellor, Mahatma Gandhi University was the Guest Speaker for October 2018 and he spoke on Scope on Nano Technology in current scenario

Prof. Thomas is an outstanding leader with sustained international acclaims for his work in Nanoscience, Polymer Science and Engineering, Polymer Nanocomposites, Elastomers, Polymer Blends, Interpenetrating Polymer Networks, Polymer Membranes, Green Composites and Nanocomposites,  Nanomedicine and Green Nanotechnology.

Dr. Thomas’s ground breaking inventions in polymer nanocomposites, polymer blends, green bio nano-technological and nano-biomedical sciences, have made transformative differences in the development of new materials for automotive, space, housing and biomedical fields.

He is the Founder Director and Professor of the International and Inter university Centre for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology. He is also a full professor of Polymer Science and Engineering at the School of Chemical Sciences of Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam, Kerala.

He did his PhD from Indian Institute of Technology(Kharagpur).He has published 1000 international papers and 39000 total citations.He has 15 patents and 130 books to his credit.

Professor Thomas  has received a number of national and international awards which include: Fellowship of the Royal Society of Chemistry, London FRSC, Distinguished Professorship from Josef Stefan Institute, Slovenia, MRSI medal, Nano Tech Medal, CRSI medal, Distinguished Faculty Award,

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Award for Scientific Excellence – 2016, Mahatma Gandhi University- Award for  Outstanding Contribution –Nov. 2016, Lifetime Achievement Award of the Malaysian Polymer Group, Indian Nano Biologists  award 2017 and  Sukumar Maithy Award  for the best polymer researcher in the country.

He has an H index of 90 which is a measure of the productivity and citation impact of his publications.In 2018 he received the Faculty research award by Careers 360 for the most cited researcher in India in Material science.He is a Visiting professor in several foreign universities including France,Germany,Belgium,Slovenia,Poland etc