Quizzing-Discovering the joy of learning

P.Nitin Suresh

Kids huddled in a corner poring over old diaries before the big event.Files of newspaper  cuttings,mobile apps,tabs,books. Strategies of how to survive the day.Loads of prize money, sponsors, chance to travel,meet new and interesting people,building excellent communication skills,teamwork,converse and bond over trivia that rest of us hardly bother.Welcome to the strange and growing world of Quizzing.
In an era where Parents and teachers lament over the fact that kids don’t read books or newspapers these days there are bunch of kids in almost every school who pursue thepassion of Quizzing.

When I started quizzing in school it was all about learning facts from books.How,Where,What,When learnt from thick books in your school Library.But over the years quiz has rapidly evolved from just a test of knowledge of Facts to Long questions that test the quizzers ability to connect random clues. This is exactly why I would recommend Parents to push kids to take to Quizzing.Modern day quizzing is not about learning the Capital of Tuvalu or Sierra Leone or When was Food and Agriculture organization formed.It is about the ability to connect random facts that comes as
clues So How to make your child a good quizzer :Here are some tips Make your kid highly observant of everything he or she comes across.How to go about doing this?

I was once asked in a quiz some years Who brings out ACT II pop corn with some clues.If your child has read the back of the now popular pop corn while munching during the Interval of the Movie he would be Jumping at the Buzzer. Act II is a brand of popcorn in North America that is ostensibly based on the look and taste of movie theatre popcorn. It is made and distributed by Conagro brands,an American company available everywhere in India. Encourage your kid to go to Kitchen and check out the hundreds of Brands you yourself never knew existed on the shelves.Did you know that LG asafoetida is largest selling brand or Asafoetida, commonly known as “Hing” or “Perangayam” and is obtained from the root of the Ferula plant, that grows in the arid regions of countries like Iran, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, amongst others.There could be a whole Encyclopaedia of facts and trivia staring at you from our humble kitchen shelves.The moment a child learns a fact encourage him to accumulate these facts to become knowledge for future.Let him Google or check for encyclopedias to learn more. Encourage your child to prepare a diary to jot down all such random facts that he comes across while reading,watching TV,browsing or while having fun.Modern day Quizzing is not mugging up loads of facts but its the ability to observe,connect and delve deeper.The best of the quizmasters of the world will try and relate to the world your child lives in and interacts and build questions around it

Why should I make my child indulge in Quizzing when my child is overloaded with school curriculum?The answer lies that if your child becomes interested in quizzing the whole Learning process for him becomes fun.People who succeed in Academics or entrance exams in the long run are not those who can recollect from what they learn but the ability to connect and apply. The old Dirty habit of learning by rote is replaced by learning to understand

“God is in the Detail” is something that all students who are passionate about quizzing know for sure.Recently in a Manorama quiz in Palakkad I  asked In Tibetan Buddhism, the word is the transition state between death and rebirth. The word was on the title of award winning book based on a persons visit to his sons cemetery at Oak Hill in Georgetown

What is the word we are talking about.
(തിബത്തൻ ബുദ്ധമതത്തിൽ മരണവും പുനർജന്മവും തമ്മിലുള്ള
സംക്രമണാവസ്ഥയാണ് ഈ വാക്ക്.ഈ കൃതി, അവാർഡ് ലഭിച്ച പുസ്തകത്തിന്റെ
തലക്കെട്ടിലായിരുന്നു.എന്താണ് ഈ വാക്ക്?)

The best of the quizzers had bothered to find out all about the Booker prize winning Novel by George Saunders “Lincoln in Bardo” and Bardo was the word I was looking for.The facts and information stare at you from Newspapers every day,the quizzers look for the finer details We all know what vital role Reading comprehension plays in entrance exams and even in our lives.Quizzes trains the mind to break down big Data into Information that will be useful for future. Students who indulge in quizzing have this joy of learning new things every day.Not only from the textbooks but from the World around them.Good quizzers slowly start reading not only on Vast topics but also delve deeper to absorb the Trivia.Learning for quizzes will always compliment his studies and never hamper his academic pursuits The small tribe of quizzers is slowly growing especially in kerala.When I started as quizmaster some years back we had about 30-40 students coming for quizzes in a district but now we have
about 300 even in smaller venues.It shows that more and more parents and teachers are motivating the kids to take part in quizzes How do you make your child interested in quizzing? Encourage him to take part in quizzes around you.If you are part of some club make monthly quizzes of members kids a funtime activity.There is no quick fix method to make your child interested in quizzing than making him attend lots of quizzes.Make your child take failures in its stride.
Imbibe in your child that Winning a quiz is not important but the whole learning process and how much this hobby can make a difference to their lives