Leadership and Management skill – a Transition from traditional approach to modern approach

Dinesh R. Shenoy, Chartered Accountant

TRAMA’S vision is “To be a leader in the management development movement.”

Leadership and management are two notions that are often used interchangeably. What is the difference between leadership and management? It is a question that arises in the minds of many people,and also answered in different ways. It is well acceptedthat the biggest difference is the way they motivate the people who work or follow them, and this sets the tone for many of the other aspects they do. Another perspective is that, the managers think incrementally, whilst leaders think radically. “ Managers do things right, while leaders do the right thing. ’’ This mean that the managers do things as per the directed norms and policies of the organization, while leaders follow their own intuition, which may in turn result in more beneficial to the organization. A leader is more emotional than a manager. Human beings are governed by their emotions, rather than intelligence. This makes the leader different from manager. Leaders always have absolute control over their mind and thereby

emotions have no role to play unless warranted. They seek out the truth and make decisions based on facts and not prejudice. When we speak about management skills, we have to think about the practices followed in 1920’s,when the business processes were implicit in work practices and laid down in policy manuals. This concept of business process management was called as “methods and procedures analysis.” Later in 1950’s, the invention of technologies particularly computer,aided design and computer assisted manufacturing,(CAD/CAM) brought radical new efficiencies and efficacious to industrial engineering which gradually spread to all industries

including business activities. But now in this 21st century, drastic changes have been occurred in all organizations and institutions, whether related to business, banking, education, hospitals etc. Usage of technology based operations especially the computer applications and administration of Human resource management have become integral part of modern

business world.

Various technique of business management are tested which ultimately aims at faster operations, better utilization of resources, cost reduction, better product pricing and finally value growth of the organization. Dynamism has become a new business manthra in modern times. Discovering innovative way to improve business process is now recognized as one of the most challenging paths to business ability and the companies are thriving desperately in framing strategies to achieve operational efficiency and sustainability. It is extremely important that the Human resource of every organization is developed to promote human excellence both as an individual and as a team to achieve organizational mission. Today, the scarcest resource is human resource. There is literally war for acquiring good talent by enterprises.

Organizations have to adopt specialized and strategic approach for acquisition, motivation, development and management of its human resources across the country.

Teamwork – a power

It is to be well accepted that, success of every organization, or any venture is solely dependant on the teamwork and team spirit of the individuals involved. Every organization needs good performers, but more importantly good performers with good team skills. Take for example, football, a game. If any player is only thinking of scoring and making a goal each time they got the ball, they may be individually a great player, but his team will fail as they would not really make as many as goals as they could if every one focused on maximizing team spirit. It is to be noted that each one of us may be brilliant, but in a group the brilliance is of value only when you work as a team. The reason is that two heads are better than one and when you share, you often do a better job.

An individual should have professional attitude and also need to develop the following.

 Excellent professional skills and knowledge.

 Ability to be an effective team member as well as team leader.

 Keep oneself updated of current information and events

 Accept challenges as these keep fill us with a sense of achievement.

 Fix high standard of performance and judge yourself at each level of performance.

 Be result oriented, and not be procedure oriented

Leadership and Management techniques – a tool to develop skill.

As I have mentioned earlier, the main aim of the manager is to maximize the output of an organization through various administrative implementation of policies and procedure laid down within an organization. To achieve this, managers must undertake the following functions: – Organization Planning Staffing Directing Controlling Similarly, leadership is just one important component of directing function. A manager cannot just be a leader but leader will be an efficient manager also. Leadership always stands out by being different. Leadership is a way of focusing and motivating a group to enable them to achieve their aims. It also involves being accountable and responsible for the group, which he/she belongs to. A leader should provide continuity and momentum. He/she must be flexible in allowing changes of direction. Ideally, a leader should be, a few steps ahead of their team, but not too far for the team, to be able to understand and follow them. Leadership comes in many forms, dependant on the leaders personality, the group situation, problems at hand and finally the attitude. Leadership can be achieved or attained by experience over years of time in given circumstances or situations. But there are some leaders who are born leaders. Most renowned of those are Mahatma Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, Alexander and Hitler. Most appropriate personality to be underlined in juncture is the father of our nation “MAHATMA GANDHI.” The term MAHATMA itself indicates the wide range of his dedication, determination, patriotism etc… to become a true and perfect man ever an Indian have seen. When we hear the term leader, immediately we will think about political leader, and who is a political leader? A political

leader is one who will predict and convince his followers what will happen tomorrow and also after that will convince his followers why it was not happened. There are umpteen ways and technique of management applicable for business enterprises, corporate and other institutions. Irrespective of all those management techniques, in my opinion, following two are mandatory or to be compulsorily

practiced in order to succeed in life as a leader or manager.

1.Time management

2.Stress management

  1. Time management

In todays globalized world, business operates 24 hours a day, 365 days in a year. Time is the only thing,

which has been fully and equally distributed to every human being on earth irrespective of age, cast, region, country or continent. Also, every human being has got the liberty to utilize the same. Therefore proper and effective time management is essential in every walk of life to achieve individual goals in life. b. Stress management b. Stress management has become one of the topics of many seminars and workshops conducted by corporates. Stress can be emotional or physical strain or both together. Stress is something each one of us is familiar with. But the gravity and continuity varies from person to person. Ultimately it will result in wear and tear of our body and mind as we go through our daily lives. It is not correct to say that stress is to be avoided completely. This is impossible because stress can have some positive effect too as much as negative effect.

In its positive impact, it can motivate you to reach peak level of performance, accept challenges andsucceed in it, overcome risks and situations by using talent etc… On the negative side, stress can harm you emotionally and physically by causing depression, anger, hurt, anxiety, frustration and when it is prolonged, in turn cause psychic disorders. There are tremendous reasons for stress, of which job stress and family problems are superior to all others. While recognizing that work places and relationships can be stressful, many doctors say it could also be a problem of perception. Therefore the only way out is to change the perception in the right

direction and also understand the situation objectively before handling it. In my opinion, peace of mind must be the ultimate objective of life and many doctors recommend learning yoga as a golden remedy to reduce stress. It gives your mind and body control which are among the surest of stress busters and one of the most effective remedies when stress happens. Conclusions

Let me conclude by writing the most memorable quotation in Shakespeare’s finest play Hamlet “ If it be now, it not to come; if it be not to come, it 4